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Who Is Sekou Andrews?

Sekou Andrews, the world’s leading Poetic Voice, is a Grammy-nominated artist, award-winning entrepreneur, international public speaker, and one of the most successful spoken word poets in the world. Here is an exciting sample of the global audiences he inspires across every industry.

Why I created Stage Might

“How did you DO that?” This was the question that started it all. My clients would come to me after seeing me bring their audience to their feet, and ask “How did you connect so intimately with such a large audience?” “How did you make me feel like you were speaking to just me?” How did you leave me crying at 8am at a tech conference?”


I realized that I had a successful career as an international public speaker but I had never been trained in public speaking. My training was in performance, and my performer’s mindset and techniques, applied on non-performance stages, helped me to be more confident, connected and inspiring in all of my communication. This is what led me to break down that approach into a step-by-step training system that has helped hundreds of people inspire their communities, improve sales, become more effective leaders, and even get their first standing ovations, all while feeling like their true selves in front of people.


In 5 dynamic, engaging, highly effective modules, you will learn how to make your content and delivery more inspiring and effective, while also feeling more confident and connected in your communication. Whether you want to be a professional speaker, a better leader at work, or just feel confident in front of a crowd, Stage Might is a unique communication training system that will help you electrify your audience no matter what your “stage” is.


-Sekou Andrews


STAGE MIGHT is not only for people who want to become professional speakers, nor does it require performance experience; Stage Might's unique system teaches the masterful techniques of performers to help you become a better communicator on ANY type of stage - formal, informal, or digital.

Wedding Speech I Staff Meeting I Job Interview I Sales Call I Customer Meeting I Dinner Party I Corporate Conference.

You can be MIGHTY on ANY stage you touch!


The play that left you in tears. The comedian who left you in stitches. The concert that left you singing along for days after. How do powerful performances have such influence over us?

Because performers tend to harness ALL of their communication power, whereas speakers tend to rely primarily on words alone. Whether you need to conquer your stage fright or master your STAGE MIGHT, this innovative training system teaches you the techniques of Rockstar performance artists to increase your influence and inspiration.

Want to eliminate stage fright and feel more CONFIDIENCE when speaking?

Learn from PERFORMERS how to harness your nervousness to engage your audience

Want to feel more COMFORTABLE IN YOUR BODY when speaking?

Learn from DANCERS how to influence others through graceful, engaging movement

Want to create powerful CONNECTIONS with listeners when speaking?

Learn from STORYTELLERS how to make data and content feel personal and human

Want to be more MOVING AND MEMORABLE when speaking?

Learn from SONGWRITERS how to craft catchy content that everyone remembers

Want to appear more AUTHENTIC when speaking?

Learn from ACTORS how to appear natural and comfortable before crowds

Want to become DISTRACTION-PROOF when speaking?

Learn from IMPROV ARTISTS how to turn potential disasters into audience delight

Want to elicit an EMOTIONAL RESPONSE when speaking?

Learn from SPOKEN WORD POETS how to make any content moving and memorable

Want to increase your INFLUENCE AND IMPACT when speaking?

Learn from CREATIVE WRITERS how to be more inspiring in your communication

“It’s hard to imagine the artistry of this young man; his ability to take a concept - factual information - weave it into a story, move an audience, and structure a presentation of the most complex [form], taking us up and taking us down. It’s not a single message, but a series of waves; a crescendo, and they don’t end in the beach, they end in hope and
understanding. I’m in awe of his talents.”

--Richard Saul Wurman, Founder /Creator - TED

Sekou has helped thousands of leaders, speakers, and entrepreneurs increase their confidence and connection and master their Stage Might!

The HTML5 Herald

“What really surprised me was how quickly, almost immediately, I started to see things I hadn’t seen before, understand concepts I hadn’t understood as well before, and had the opportunity to experience immediate change and immediate improvement!”


Denise Young – Former VP of Human Resources, Apple

The HTML5 Herald

“It was emotionally impactful to me... the inspirational training really packed a punch that delivered an effective and impactful message, I also appreciated the breakdown... of what it takes to be inspiring. What do we do after failure? Looking at it, not just as a learning moment but as a seed of inspiration, that was impressive!"


John Snead – VP of Information Technology, TaskUs

The HTML5 Herald

“I am not easily super, over-the-top, impressed when I see a lot of speakers. This man wowed me. He does it every time I see him speak. He’s one of the best… If you want to learn how to command a stage like a rockstar, then you must join Sekou.”


Lisa Nichols - Founder/President, Motivating the Masses

The HTML5 Herald

“The results prove the effectiveness of Stage Might, I went from being in the lowest group of competitors, to being the most improved, and I was selected as one of the finalists... There were tears, reflection, and engagement, which I was not getting before Stage Might!”


Liz Vogel – Director, Facing History L.A.

The HTML5 Herald

“I’m so thankful Sekou developed Stage Might! This course is so effective in helping you in three main areas: 1. Connection to your audience. 2. Confidence both internal and external confidence. He goes through specific rituals to help raise your confidence! 3. Authenticity, he brings out the most authentic and best YOU. ”


Dena Patton, Int’L Inspirational Speaker and business coach.

The HTML5 Herald

”I came down off the TED stage and I said, ok, what's bad about it? He gave me a few tips that completely changed my talk. There are a lot of little tips and techniques he gave me that helped me connect to my audience. He taught me about timing, and when I got the standing ovation, I was actually able to enjoy it! I had stage fright, Sekou gave me stage might. Thank you Sekou!”


Dr. Vic Strecher, Professor, University of Michigan, Author of “On Purpose”.

“Take a topic and turn it into, not just a conversation, but a story that keeps the audience focused for the entire time - I've never seen anybody do this the way Sekou does. Sekou keeps the message going, regardless of what it is - it could be on medicine, social media, on travel - the message is clear, concise, entertaining, and memorable.”


Ken Rutkowski, Founder METal Int’l & Business Rockstars

The HTML5 Herald

“All of the tips and techniques from the Stage Might training increased my confidence and helped me to connect with my audience and it ended up being one of the better speeches I had ever given!”


Leslie Stein, CEO Lead Like a Girl

Your five course modules include:

2 Stage Might Lessons | Guest Expert Interview | Q&A | “Own-Work” | Supplementary Learning Materials | Exclusive Performances & Inspirational Content.

Module 1- Jumpstart Your Stage Might

Lesson 1: Jumpstart Your Stage Might (Course Primer)

Lesson 2: Inspiration Training (How To Be Inspiring, and Be Inspired)

Module 2 - Bring Your Pre-Stage Might

Lesson 1: Give Your Nervousness A W2 (Make It Work For You)

Lesson 2: Create Your Rockstar Ritual (Offstage Practices for On Stage Magic)

Guest Expert: Therapist/Comedian/Mind Trainer

Module 3 - Rock Your Two-Minute Might

Lesson 1: Calibrate The Room (Engage Any Audience In First 2 Minutes)

Lesson 2: Bodytelling (How To “Become” Your Story)

Guest Experts: Sales/Body Language Expert + Dancer/Kinesio-Therapist

Module 4 - Master Your Mini Might

Lesson 1: Act/Naturally (Being the most authentic YOU on stage)

Lesson 2: Minimum Stage, Maximum Wage (Big Delivery in Small Spaces)

Guest Expert: Acting Coach/Entrepreneur

Module 5 - Perform Your Mental Might

Lesson 1: Hardwire Your Memory (Killer Memorization Techniques)

Lesson 2: Own The Room (How To Become Distraction Proof)

Guest Expert: Public Speaker/Poet/Actor

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Stage Might's WOW Factor

How Will Stage Might Help Me?

To understand how Stage Might training

can improve your communication on any stage,

here is a breakdown of the courses

This first module introduces you to the concept and principles behind the Stage Might speaker training system. In your first lesson, you will understand how to shift from a “speakers” mindset to a “performers” mindset in how you communicate, as you learn the secrets behind how performers are able to inspire us so effectively. Your second lesson will unlock YOUR ability to be inspiring. In this training you will learn what inspiration is, the 5 most common inspiration archetypes, how to be inspired, and how to increase your influence and impact by making your communication more inspirational.
Before you achieve Stage Might™ you must first conquer stage FRIGHT. So in the first lesson you will learn to harness the power of nervousness. The goal is not to eliminate nervousness, but to understand how to use it to help you stay present, alert, and connected in front of any audience. Your confidence begins before you even step in front of your audience. So lesson two gives you a sneak peek at the rituals that master performers use to own any stage, and then helps you create your own Rockstar Ritual. Your guest expert is a comedian, therapist and mind trainer who will help you master the physiology of controlling nervousness and raising confidence.
How confident would you feel if you knew you could engage ANY audience in the first few minutes of ANY speech? This is what you learn in lesson one, through 12 powerful “Communication Calibrators.” In the second lesson you will learn how to unlock the power of your body movement through a lesson in “Bodytelling.” This rockstar technique teaches you to “become your story” in order to enhance the power of your storytelling and raise your content’s ability to inspire. This module has 2 guest experts – a sales and body language expert and a dancer and kinesio-therapist – who will reveal the secrets of movement and engagement from both a sales and performance perspective.
Do you ever feel comfortable and natural in one-on-one conversation, but feel awkward and inauthentic in front of many? Your first lesson of this module teaches you how to authentically be yourself on stage by using acting techniques to study yourself off-stage. The next lesson teaches you how to bring a “big stage” impact to small stages. If your stage is less large conference and more boardroom, video conference, staff meeting, job interview or on-camera presentation, you will learn to be mighty no matter how “mini” your stage is. Your guest expert is a celebrity actor and acting trainer who will share secrets for how to give an Oscar-caliber performance of yourself in front of an audience.
This power-packed final module delivers some of the most effective techniques you’ve ever encountered for how to become mightier than your mistakes. In the first lesson you learn fun and creative ways to memorize content quickly from songwriters, actors, dancers and poets. Few things are more inspiring than watching someone recover from disaster and turn it into a win. So in your second lesson, the techniques of master improv artists will teach you to own any room and become “distraction proof.” Our guest expert is an actor, speaker, improv artist, and spoken word poet who will help you increase your ability to inspire any audience with the confidence and impact of a performer.

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