Whether you need to conquer your stage fright or master your stage MIGHT,

this innovative, online speaker training teaches you to take off your speaker hat and put on your rockstar hat to apply the techniques of performance artists to your business speaking.

Sekou Andrews, the world's leading poetic voice, is finally teaching the secrets that make him one of the most dynamic, innovative speakers in the industry.


Ok, let's get personal. This is Sekou... I'm giving my copywriter the rest of the day off so I can talk to you directly. I'm sure one of the first things you're wondering is… really? A poet is going to teach me how to be a successful, engaging and well-paid speaker?... Really? My answer is emphatically "Yes!"

My speaking fees range from $40,000 to $50,000 per speech!

My typical clients are leading conferences and Fortune 500s like Google, TEDMED, General Mills, Viacom and Nike!

I created a new, cutting-edge category of speaking called Poetic Voice that fuses inspirational speaking with spoken word poetry!

And here's my pretty little secret...

I NEVER trained as a speaker!

How have I been so successful as a speaker?
I trained as a PERFORMER, and I apply that training to my business speaking.

What else moves us like powerful performances? That play that left you in tears. The comedian who left you in stitches. The concert that left you singing along for days after. This is the power of a might performer. Why? Because performers tend to harness ALL of their communication power, whereas speakers tend to rely primarily on their words.  <div class="klaviyo-form-QXTBwR"></div>

Dena Patton | Int'l Inspirational Speaker & Business Coach

Ok, let's get personal. This is Sekou... I'm giving my copywriter the rest of the day off so I can talk to you directly. I'm sure one of the first things you're wondering is… really? A poet is going to teach me how to be a successful, engaging and well-paid speaker?... Really? My answer is emphatically Research shows that only 7% of your communication power lies in verbal communication. That means that WHAT you say is only responsible for 7% of how effective you are in reaching, engaging, or moving someone. The rest comes from NONVERBAL communication - 38% from your voice (tone, inflection, etc.) and 55% from your body (movement, gestures, etc.) In other words, 93% of your impact on an audience lies not in WHAT you say, but HOW you say it.

So how do YOU say it? You may have great content, but when you get in front of an audience...

Does your body betray you?

Do you become stiff or awkward on stage? Do you start doing some weird gesture and think "why the hell am I doing that? Stop it.

Does your face lose natural expression?

Do you become stoic and inaccessible or un-relatable to your audience? Do you get that "deer-in-headlights" look like you're thinking of your next line?

Does your voice get dry or make unnatural inflections?

Does it become monotone and lifeless?
When you're reading your script, do you sound like you're reading?

Or maybe you're very effective and comfortable in front of an audience

but you know that deep within you is a more dynamic, charismatic, powerful communicator than your audiences are seeing now.

If so, you need your 85%!

Dr. Vic Strecher | Professor
University of Michigan
School of Public Health
Author of "On Purpose"

Scientists believe human beings only use about 10-15% of our brainpower. I believe that most speakers use only about 15% of their SPEAKING power.

OThere is arguably 85% of untapped speaking potential within you, but you can't access it by thinking like a speaker. You can only access it by thinking like a performer. The STAGE MIGHT: Confidence & Connection program trains you to apply the techniques of artists (actors, dancers, comedians, poets, improv artists)

to your public speaking so that you can do more than give your speech, you can PERFORM your speech. This is a speaker training unlike any other that will help you electrify audiences and unlock the hidden 85% of speaking power you didn't know you had.

I saw Sekou from the main stage and I thought, "Wow, look at his amazing presence!" Everything that he has to offer, [it all] looks so natural. I wasn't going to attend his session - I do a lot of speaking, but it isn't what I do for a living. So I thought, "I'm not that nervous" and "I can get up on stage and kind of manage an audience." But when I saw him, I immediately [received] nuggets that I can apply to my own speaking engagements and things that I'm doing on a regular basis – [like] the two minutes of diagnosing the stage and the audience - that's a BIG takeaway for me and something that I'm excited to put into action. So thank you Sekou, you are awesome.

Michele Thompson-Dolberry | President & Chief Fire Starter, EMDO Enterprises

To take a topic and turn it into, not just a conversation, but a story that keeps the audience focused for the entire time - I've never seen anybody do this the way Sekou does. Sekou keeps the message going, regardless of what it is - it could be on medicine, social media, on travel - the message is clear, concise, entertaining, and memorable. Sekou makes it all happen, all the time. He has never, ever let any of the events that I've done down... ever!

Ken Rutkowski | Founder METal Int'l & Business Rockstars

Your Content is only as powerful as your ability to deliver it powerfully. So STAGE MIGHT: Confidence & Connection focuses on the delivery of your message. Don't worry if you haven't yet created the most powerful speech. Someone once told me "Sekou, your words are great, but there's something about the presence you have on stage... I could listen to you read the phone book and be wowed!"

In just 4 dynamic, fun, power-packed video trainings I'm going to teach you how to ROCK A PHONE BOOK- meaning make even the most mundane content 10x more powerful using the same Stage Might techniques that have catapulted my speaking career to new heights. When you apply them to your great content, it amplifies your confidence and connection on stage, whatever your stage is.  

Basically... if you open your mouth, and words come out, and go into the ears of people you want to inspire, enroll, or impress, then you need to UNLOCK YOUR 85% with Stage Might: Confidence & Connection..  

Leslie Stein | CEO
Lead Like a Girl

People look at rockstars and think "I could never do that. That is just THEIR magic."

There is a point at which the magic end an the mastery begins.

You need only watch the audition episodes of American Idol to remember that being able to carry a tune does not make a star. The star is trained in every subsequent episode, where they learn strategic, proven techniques that enable them to ignite any audience and sell their products. Those techniques can give your speeches, your sales talk, or your boardroom presentation the same power it does for singers, actors and comedians. For the first time, you now have access to them! Stage Might teaches you how to MASTER techniques that bring out your MAGIC when speaking!...


With this Confidence & Connection course you will study the proven techniques of dancers, singers, comedians, actors, improv artists, and spoken word poets. Not because you want to become a dancer or singer, but so that you can learn how to:

I just felt so incredibly blessed and honored and in the end... the [speech] was absolutely amazing. If you're looking for someone to coach you and guide you on how to really uniquely tell your story and get your voice and your message heard, Sekou is definitely who I suggest you work with!.

Patrina Wisdom | Fresh Start Specialist

Sekou is one of the most amazing keynote speakers that I have seen in years - and I've seen several. The top of my list would definitely be Tony Robbins or Lisa Nichols and he's right up there with them. Charismatic, powerful message and extraordinary delivery with take-home value - which is the biggest thing. After the [Stage Might] break-out session, I know now that I can use these tools in my every day life. And I'm not a "speaker", I'm not a trainer. I don't have any aspirations to be a trainer or a speaker. But in my day-to-day we deal with a lot of busy executives; we manage executives and their companies to…take them to the next level. There are tools that I can now use to deal with all the different departments that I deal with and all of the different personalities that I deal with. One of his best is how to deliver your message without being distracted. Phenomenal speaker! We recommend him highly!

Alexis Chapman | Co-founder, Two Busy Gals

Course Outline:


Lesson 1: "Give Nervousness A W-2 (Make It Work For You)"

Lesson 2: Create Your "Rockstart Rituals"


Lesson 3: "Calibrate the Room"

Lesson 4: "Tell It With Your Body"


Lesson 5: "Act Naturally"

Lesson 6: "Minimum Stage, Maximum Wage"


Lesson 7: "Own The Room"

Lesson 8: "Hardwire Your Memory"

4 empowering, educational and inspirational video trainings (1 per week)

Video examples to study

Printable curriculum materials

"Own-work" assignments (work you do on your own to help you own the work you do

Exclusive poetic voice presentations from Sekou

Interviews with unique authorities in the performance, sales and speaking industries

Access to the private Facebook Group to learn from and share with peers

Unlimited access to all course materials

$1,997 Value

Available now for $997

2-pay installment option is available
$525 down, and $525 30 days later
(Total payment is $1,050)

Extra video trainings!

For making the decision to take your speaking skills to the next level and get mighty, I want to make sure that you are completely equipped for success. So I'll give you a free bonus video trainings called "Jumpstart Your Stage Might", that helps you understand the principles and techniques behind the course, and helps you prepare for maximum success.

In this bonus jumpstart video trainings, you'll learn:

5 Powerful Ways to


to an Audience

Get a jumpstart on your training with this complimentary one-sheet that will helps you laser in on how to step onto any stage and convey complete confidence to your audience. No matter how nervous, unprepared or uncertain you feel, these 5 performance secrets will help you appear like you are confident in your content, connected to your audience, and having fun on stage.

This is a reminder that you’ll want to keep in your phone, purse or pocket and pull out backstage to remind you how to quickly access your Stage Might before stepping in front of an audience!

Welcome to your 85%!


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